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At a time when we’re all losing trust in most of what we read and hear, there’s more need than ever for REAL, reliable news. That’s why we at Axios (which means “worthy” in Greek) are launching a movement to help spread trustworthy, shareable information: the Smarter Faster Revolution. Our mission is to help as many people as possible get smarter, faster on the topics that matter, so you can make better decisions.

How can you join our cause? Easy: sign up for our new Smarter Faster Revolution and then recruit others to benefit from smart news and information. Everyone who signs up will receive Mike Allen’s (free) early-morning guide to the vital news in politics, business, tech and media in our “smart brevity” format.

You can help restore some sanity and trust - and win cool Axios gifts for helping us.

The more people you recruit, the higher you can climb: